Acel360 hosts business meet with chairman of house small business committee – Steve Chabot

Washington D.C.: On April 18, 2018

ACEL360, a Virginia based company offering high impact accelerator programs to small and medium-sized companies in the federal marketplace, hosted Congressman Steve Chabot, Chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives’ Small Business Committee and Representative of Ohio’s first Congressional District. Small and medium-sized companies invested in the Federal government contract marketplace participated in the event. Attendees included prominent entrepreneurs from the surrounding region.

At the meet, Congressman Chabot highlighted the vital role played by small businesses in the US and talked about the Small Business Committee’s mission to facilitate doing business with the SBA and streamlining its procedures. “There are more than 29,600,000 small businesses in this country which account for nearly 48 percent of the private sector and almost 62 percent of job creation,” Chairman Chabot said. Small businesses are making America strong, and events like this play an important role in offering a platform for small to medium-sized companies to be heard at the highest levels of government, the Chairman explained while commending ACEL360 for providing an interface between lawmakers and small and medium-sized companies.

“Congressman Chabot has shown a great willingness to work with us to address the issues of small companies that are now finding themselves competing with large companies who are consolidating or partnering to make it harder for small businesses to win their share of Federal Government contracts,” Sanjay Puri, CEO of ACEL360 said, “and we thank him for his support. ACEL360 will continue to work side by side with Chairman Chabot to help expand growth and bring efficiency to SBA operations.”

Bill Yarnoff, President of ACEL360, noted that ACEL360 is a multi-module professional development program that trains business entrepreneurs to create pipelines of high-value prospects and negotiate strategic agreements with partners. ACEL360 also helps clients develop expertise in direct sales, strategic partnership, go-to-market strategy formulation, project and portfolio management, corporate branding, training and related initiatives which are especially important to the success of small and medium-sized companies.

In a Q&A, the Trump Administration’s vision for small and medium-sized businesses was discussed. Participants also shared their concerns, and offered solutions, about delays and cancellations of project proposals by the SBA. Chairman Chabot promised to follow-up on these issues. Mr. Puri and Mr. Yarnoff also stated that ACEL360 would continue to help small and medium-sized businesses navigate the Federal government.

About ACEL 360: ACEL360 is a business accelerator based in Reston, Virginia that speeds the growth and builds the enterprise value of firms doing business with the Federal government. ACEL 360 employs world-class business development strategies to leverage strong partner ecosystems based on market opportunities and dynamics.