Why GOVCON360 2018-12-13T15:47:27+00:00

There’s no shortage of information and advice available to those seeking to succeed in the Federal contracting environment. Consultant services, private training programs, academic seminars, industry forums, membership events, intelligence databases, newsletters, magazines, blogs, radio shows . . .

ACEL360, with its Accelerator Program, GOVCON360, cuts through the noise and potential distraction through a streamlined, goal-directed process focused expressly on achieving your goals. You have the benefit of some of the best minds, methodologies, and tools in the Federal contracting environment as you set your course and supercharge your company’s business development capabilities.

If you choose to participate, GOVCON360’s leaders will work with yours to:

  • Identify your highest-priority opportunities and challenges
  • Formulate a strong, realistic growth and value-building strategy, and start executing it immediately
  • Transform your business development culture and processes from the inside out—changing the way you do business, increasing your win rate, and improving your ROI this year and for years to come
  • Strengthen your customer, partner, and advisor ecosystems, forming relationships that will benefit you now and over the long-term